How to avoid the ‘Israel lobby’ and the ‘Jewish lobby’

By Yolande Knapp and Daniel NeumannThe Jerusalem Post/APThe lobby has always had a hard time standing out, and the “Jewish lobby” has always been a hard sell.

It is a phrase that has stuck, as Jews around the world have taken to social media and the internet to vent their frustration over the constant attacks on Israel and Jewish institutions by the “Israel lobby” and the Jewish state.

But it was in Israel itself, in the tiny coastal enclave of the Jewish State, that the “Israeli lobby” gained a lot of traction, a result of the recent Israeli election that saw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party secure seats in parliament.

The party’s victory marked a significant change in the Israeli political landscape, and as a result, the ” Israel lobby” was suddenly able to gain traction in Israel’s political discourse.

The result is that the phrase “the Israel lobby,” even though it refers to the entire Israeli political establishment, has become a cliché that many Israelis use to describe their political opinions.

The “Israel Lobby” is not the same thing as “the Jewish lobby,” a term that was used by the late Zionist leader Abraham Foxman.

It refers to a group of groups that support Israel’s policies, but they do not have a direct interest in influencing the government of Israel.

The word “Israel” is an umbrella term that encompasses a large number of different ethnic, religious and national groups in Israel.

But the word “Jewish” is also used to refer to Jews in general, and “Israel,” as an entire nation.

The term “Israel lobbyist” is used to describe a politician or person who is heavily invested in Israel and is heavily influenced by it.

These politicians, politicians and people are often well-known for their support for Israel’s right-wing policies and, for that matter, their support of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.

There is nothing particularly wrong with a politician saying that they support Israel or its policies.

However, it is highly unusual to see politicians use the term “the Israeli lobby” as a description of a political group.

The Israel Lobby is not a political organization, nor is it a group in Israel that lobbies on behalf of the state of Israel or the Jewish people.

Its existence is a product of the Israeli politicians’ desire to use the phrase, “the Zionist lobby.”

The “Jewish Lobby”The term, “The Israel lobby”, is often used by Israeli politicians, such as former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who said in 2007, “When we have the power to control the state, the lobby will be in control.”

Barak also said, “I’m the one who lobbies for the right of the people to own their own land.

It’s in the right hands.”

The term was first coined by Israeli journalist Gideon Levy in 2007.

He wrote, “What we are seeing in Israel right now is a kind of a Israel lobby, where there is a strong lobby against the establishment of a Palestinian state, against the occupation of the Palestinian people, and against a Palestinian people who is in fact the Jewish and democratic nation that Israel itself claims to be.”

Levy wrote that the term was used to explain to the international community why Israel’s position in the Middle East was so difficult and why the country needed to “change its character, its values and its laws.”

It is important to note that “The Israeli Lobby” refers to all the Jewish organizations, including the Israeli government, but the term is also sometimes used to include the Israeli civil society and other organizations that have a different perspective.

This is not to say that all the groups in the “The Jewish Lobby” are “the lobby.”

However, there are many Jewish organizations that support the Israeli occupation of Palestine and support the expansion of the settlements.

It has long been the case that Israel has been one of the world’s most powerful military and economic powers.

But what is interesting about the term, especially in light of recent events, is that, as with many other Israeli political issues, the term has become associated with a particular party or faction.

The current coalition government, led by Prime Minister Netanyahu, has been very active in pushing the Israeli policy that is in line with the Israeli public.

Netanyahu is very strong in his support for the “one-state solution” that he and his party believe is the best way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In recent years, the coalition government has pushed to create more settlements and to move the Jewish communities that were expelled from Palestine in the early 2000s into Israel.

It is clear that the Netanyahu government is in a constant state of flux, but Netanyahu is not alone in using the term.

Many Israeli politicians and media personalities, such in the past, are also using the “the Netanyahu lobby” in reference to the government.

The current government is not doing well in the polls.

Its support has fallen dramatically in recent years.

Netanyahu has been