CNN: “Trump’s tweet is outrageous, unprofessional, and should be investigated”

President Donald Trump has accused CNN of being biased against him, tweeting that the network’s anchor Megyn Kelly has called him a liar.

CNN on Sunday retracted the tweet, saying the president’s claim was incorrect.

In a statement, CNN said: “CNN has retracted a tweet by President Donald J. Trump in which he accused CNN anchor Meghan Kelly of bias.

CNN is a news organization that is meant to provide an objective, fair and balanced perspective. “

In fact, the President’s tweet was incorrect and we apologize.

CNN is a news organization that is meant to provide an objective, fair and balanced perspective.

The President is correct that we are not neutral in our coverage and we have a long history of critical reporting.”

The president also retweeted a tweet from CNN critic Ben Jacobs that referred to Trump as “the greatest liar since Richard Nixon.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper and the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple are among several reporters who have called for the president to step down from the network.

The White House has defended the president and has defended Kelly, who is also the subject of a CNN documentary series.

On Sunday, Kelly told reporters on Air Force One that Trump’s tweet could have been an effort to intimidate her.

“He’s trying to silence me,” Kelly said.

“I’m the one that’s going to stand up for him, and I’m the only one who’s going, ‘Hey, what are you talking about?

Let’s go out and talk about the truth.'”

Trump tweeted on Sunday that he had “a very nice and respectful conversation with Megyn,” who is the network anchor.

“She is very, very fair and very, great person, very good person,” Trump said, adding that he will have a “very good relationship” with Kelly.

He also accused the network of having “no credibility whatsoever” and said it should be “asked why.”

The White Star Line flight was diverted to Louisville after the president tweeted his criticism of Kelly, saying that the flight was delayed for more than 24 hours.

Kelly later tweeted that she was “truly sorry.”

Trump tweeted the same day that he was “unhappy” with his criticism, but the White House said he was not unhappy with the network or with Kelly, whom he has said is “a total fake” and a “total loser.”