Cuban officials say it was a mistake to use the term ‘f***ing dictator’ as the country is in the midst of a political crisis

Havana, Cuba – President Raul Castro on Thursday said he regrets the “f***” word used by his predecessor Raul Jimenez.

The Cuban leader, who has been in power since he took power in 1959, was addressing a gathering of his political allies in the capital city of Havana, a day after Raul, his predecessor, was ousted by a US-backed coup.

“F***ing dictators are like f***ing animals,” Castro said.

“They can’t control their emotions and they can’t understand the situation of the country.”

Cuba has been struggling to recover from a year-long economic crisis that hit the island nation’s tourism industry and has resulted in a spike in kidnappings and murder.

The latest episode was sparked when Cuba said Raul was “a f***-a-king dictator” who had been responsible for the deaths of thousands of Cubans and was attempting to seize power through an armed insurrection.

Castro had previously said he was willing to go to the United States to seek asylum and that he was not the leader of a military coup.

Raul’s removal from office and the US-brokered coup that brought him down was seen as a blow to Cuba’s image as a stable, democratic and prosperous country.