How the National News Council has a lot to answer for

The National News and Information Council is taking aim at the press and its work with the Trump administration.

In a letter to President Donald Trump, the council, which oversees the news and information activities of the government agencies, warned that a review of the press’s role in the Trump transition is “very troubling” and “unnecessary.”

“The NNIC is not interested in a dialogue, but instead of constructive engagement, the Council seeks to silence the press,” the letter said.

“The Council has no legal authority to investigate or sanction a press agency,” the NNIS wrote.

“But the Council has the right to make any recommendation it deems necessary.”

Read moreThe NNNC, a nonprofit organization formed in 2011 to provide government agencies with access to the news, has been criticized for not working with the White House to keep a more independent press corps and to ensure the independence of news coverage of government agencies.

The Trump administration has said it will not release any of its transition team’s emails, but has not publicly released any documents related to the transition.

The NNs letter comes after several prominent outlets have complained about how the NNs staff has handled the Trump team transition and has refused to provide a copy of any of the transition team communications.

The letter comes just days after the NNND released a report on its work in the transition, finding that there were at least 30 instances of the NNS staff “unfairly interfering” with the work of the administration’s transition team, and that its communications staff was “often the subject of unfair criticism.”

The NNS also said the NNW staff had a tendency to focus on individuals and groups that it had a “predisposition to believe” to be aligned with the “Trump agenda.”

“These negative reactions reflect the NNC’s tendency to look past and to dismiss people or groups that may have an agenda against the President,” the statement said.