How to use Google Translate to understand India’s election news

A popular tool for finding news in English, Google Translator can help you understand news in a way you wouldn’t have guessed.

Here are a few of the things you can do with Google Translating from India’s national language to English.1.

Look for news articles to understand where candidates stand2.

Search news articles for news related to the election in your country3.

Read the news to understand what is happening with the news.4.

Learn about news events to understand how things are going in your local area.5.

Compare and contrast the news articles in the English and Hindi language to see what has been said about the news in your language.6.

Watch video clips of news stories to understand the differences between the news you read and what you see on television.7.

Compare news stories from other countries to see how different news stories are written and edited in their respective languages.8.

Watch the news coverage in Hindi or English to understand why people in India seem to care about issues related to their daily lives.9.

Search Google Translations to find news articles related to elections in other languages.10.

Read news articles from India to understand who is supporting the candidates and what their positions are.