SportsCenter ratings for week 14, ’16, ’17, ’18: ESPN Crips and Naps headlines national headlines SportsCenter hosts Jim Rome and Jon Wertheim on ‘SportsCenter’ ratings article ESPN Crave national headlines Jim Rome talks sports ratings, including ESPN ratings for the weekend. 

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Jim Rome joins James P, Dan Patrick, and Joe Giglio on ‘ESPN SportsCenter’ for the podcast episode: ESPN Cripping and Napping: Jim Rome, Jon Wetheim, and Jonathon Buell talk sports ratings and other sports news. 

SportsCenter Hits ESPN: SportsCenter hits ESPN with a special episode featuring the best sports-related interviews. 

Here’s a summary of the highlights: ESPN’s Jim Rome: “SportsCenter hits the airwaves with an episode where Jim Rome interviews his former boss, John Bucciggors, on his days on the job with ESPN. 

John Buccigores joins us on the air to talk about his experience at ESPN and what he would have done differently if he had been let go. 

Plus, he talks about his time on the network and how much he loved it. 

For more on John Buccigs career, listen to our interview on ‘The Rundown With John Buccgos’ at”

“Jon Darniemles son, Joe, has an opinion on the episode. “

“We also get a chance to sit down with the man himself, John, who says he wrote ‘Darnielles Son’ with the help of his wife, Jill, to see if he can help us understand the story behind the character.” “

Jim and Jon discuss ‘Sonic’ and their relationship. “

We also get a chance to sit down with the man himself, John, who says he wrote ‘Darnielles Son’ with the help of his wife, Jill, to see if he can help us understand the story behind the character.” 

Jim and Jon discuss ‘Sonic’ and their relationship. 

ESPN’s Jim and Dan on ‘Basketball Insiders’ episode with Dan Patrick: “Our special interview with the two of you on ESPN Insider, ESPN.

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with Dan’s podcast, the two will talk all about the Warriors season, their history, and their future. 

If you’re looking for the most in-depth basketball discussion in the country, be sure to check out the interview on this week’s episode of ‘ESPN Insider.’ 

Jim talks with Jim Rome on the show: Jim’s first appearance on ‘CSN New England’ is with James P and the guys discuss the recent loss to the Heat and why the Cavaliers are still in the playoff race. 

JAMES P: We were in the first round of the playoffs last year.

We were in a tough situation.

We had to win in three games. 

In the fourth quarter, we needed to go back out and try to take a lead and we didn’t do it.

We got beat and it was an emotional moment. 

Then, we beat the Warriors.

That’s how you want to lose. 

And then, in Game 6, we came out of that and played the Warriors again. 

So, we just have a couple of games left to win and win a series. 

We’ve played a lot of basketball in this series.

We’re very, very good at basketball. 

It’s been a great year for us. 

I think we’re very good. 

That’s the reason why we are in the Finals, to win them and to get back to the top of the East. 

But I also think that we have a lot more work to do in this conference. 

This series against Cleveland, I don’t think we had a great game. 

There was one point that we should’ve scored. 

When they were fouling me and I got to the rim, it was like a basketball game.

JAMES: I thought LeBron James was fantastic, I thought the Cavs played great defense. 

They were playing a little bit of everything. 

MATT: The Cavaliers were playing very good defense.

They were playing their offense the right way, so I thought it was a good game for us defensively.