The American Conservatives: Why we must oppose this new immigration bill

By Bryan CaplanNational Harbor News, American National News,Liberty Nation News,Federal Reserve BoardChairman Robert Rubin has called for a full and thorough review of the President’s immigration executive action. 

“There is no question that this action is contrary to the law, unconstitutional, and would be contrary to all the principles on which our Republic was founded,” Rubin said in a speech on Thursday at the University of Chicago.

The President’s order issued on Thursday will suspend the entire refugee program for 120 days and temporarily suspend the refugee admission cap, which currently stands at 400,000 people. 

The order states that refugees from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen will be admitted into the country for one year after the refugees are certified by the State Department as having “committed a bona fide life-threatening event that has a direct connection to the United States.”

The order is not only the most sweeping executive action to restrict immigration since Trump took office in January, but it is also the most direct challenge to the legitimacy of the refugee program in a country that has been deemed “safe.”

“We can be assured that the administration will not resort to unlawful or unfair means to stop this action,” Rubin stated.

“We can also be assured the American people will stand with us and not turn on us.”

“President Trump will not take unilateral action to limit our constitutional rights, or to discriminate against the American Muslim community, and he will not use our nation’s immigration system to punish the innocent people who have fled the violence and persecution in Syria, Iraq and Yemen,” Rubin continued. 

While the President has said he will take a “fresh look” at the refugee resettlement program after the refugee cap is lifted, many have already expressed concern that his actions will open the floodgates to illegal entry.

The State Department has already admitted over 120,000 refugees into the United State in 2017. 

In his speech Thursday, Rubin made clear that this was not just a “temporary pause” but rather an actual ban.

“The policy of restricting entry to those who do not have a genuine claim for refugee status is wrong.

And while it’s technically legal, it is wrong because it will only increase the number of refugees who will enter the country.

That is not the America we want,” Rubin asserted. 

Rubin continued, “We must also be clear that the President and Congress must not allow this policy to be exploited by the president to push through a bill that will actually undermine our country and our Constitution.”

“And if they don’t, I hope you will join me in standing with us in calling on them to stop,” he concluded. 

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