Trump’s ‘America First’ plan would force Mexico to pay for border wall

Breitbart News has obtained a copy of President Donald Trump’s “America First” plan for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, which calls for the construction of a border wall, a temporary border fence, and a “virtual wall” of fencing to block the flow of illegal immigration.

The document was released as part of a White House press briefing on Wednesday, and was first reported by Breitbart News.

The plan calls for an “interim” border fence that is “designed to protect the country” from “terrorists, drug cartels, and other threats,” with a permanent wall of fencing.

The administration also plans to “add billions of dollars to the military budget” to fund the wall.

“Our country needs strong borders to stop the flow and attack the terrorists,” Trump said in his plan.

The wall “will not be built by taxpayers,” Trump wrote, adding, “Our government must be a force for peace, security, and prosperity for all Americans.”

The White House also proposed funding for “national border security fencing” for “a total of $10 billion,” but noted that the funding would come “in addition to existing funding available to support this program.”

The plan also calls for a “secure and legal border,” but the administration did not say how the money would be spent.

“The President is asking Congress to pass a law that provides for a secure, secure, and legal immigration system that ensures our nation remains safe, secure and secure,” the White House said in the document.

“We must make this a priority.

We must work together to make sure we have a border security that works for all, not just those who come here legally.”

Trump also proposed a wall along the southern border of the U.

“We need to make the border secure, not a political football,” he said.

The border wall was a major component of Trump’s border security platform, which he signed in May.

In a series of tweets in late June, the President said the border wall should be built at a “federal level, not at a state level.”

“The wall will not be funded through the normal budget process.

It will be funded by a tax on all illegal aliens, which we have already passed,” he tweeted.

“If the wall does not work out, the taxpayers will be on the hook.

The taxpayers will pay for it.

I can promise you that.”

The wall has long been one of the administration’s most contentious policy proposals, as both Republican and Democratic lawmakers have called for a fence along the border.

“This is the greatest wall on Earth.

It’s a wall that works,” Trump told the Arizona Republic.

“I’m going to get a wall, I’m going the whole way.

It is going to be great.

The only thing I’m not going to do is get a border fence built and then start building a wall.”

The President also has said he would seek to build a wall in Arizona and Mexico, a stance that some border patrol agents have called “a complete misunderstanding.”

In the leaked plan, the Trump administration also proposes the construction and operation of “virtual” wall fencing to prevent illegal immigration, but did not provide details on the technology that would be used to construct the wall and how much the fencing would cost.

“In a virtual wall, border patrol officers can easily enter any country, as long as they are wearing a mask, and they do not pose a risk to other law enforcement officers,” the document reads.

“They can use existing fencing to secure our border and will have the tools and technology to defend against any illegal entry and exit.”