What’s going on at The Verge?

The Verge, an app that helps you find new content, has been forced to shut down by the company’s parent company Google after a cyberattack that resulted in thousands of malicious files being distributed to users.

The Verge has announced that the company is taking the following actions:On January 18, The Verge announced a series of actions to protect its users from malware:We are taking the actions listed above in our blog article.

In a blog post, The Times of India reported that “a group of hackers who had infiltrated the software platform The Verge in the past two weeks has stolen user credentials and information and has sent them to a group of criminals.”

In a statement to Mashable, Google said, “We’ve been working closely with The Verge and its security team for weeks to address this threat, and we are continuing to deploy patches and updates.”

The Verge has said that it is working with law enforcement to track down the hackers.

In addition to the cyberattack, the Verge said it is also being investigated by the Indian government, the Department of National Cyber Security and the Enforcement Directorate (ED), a cybercrime unit in the country’s IT department.

In a blogpost published on January 19, Google says it is investigating “the possibility of criminal activity by a large-scale cybercriminal organization.”

“The Verge is committed to the highest standards of privacy, security, and anonymity, and will continue to take these actions to safeguard our users and our users’ data,” the company said in the blog post.

The company also published an update on its website on January 17, noting that it has also been working with the Indian authorities and the ED to address the issue.