Allegations against NHL Players: What do we know?

Allegations of sexual misconduct against NHL players have grown more and more credible over the last several years.

There is now a credible allegation of misconduct against five players.

These allegations are all made by individuals with direct knowledge of the allegations.

The five players are: Dustin Byfuglien (NHL), Ryan O’Reilly (NJD), Ryan Stanton (WHL), Tyler Myers (NJC), and Alexei Emelin (SHL).

In all, five players have now been accused of sexual assault.

The alleged incidents began in February, 2016, when a woman told police that she met O’Donnell at a club and asked him to kiss her.

O’Brien was also allegedly involved in a sexual encounter with a woman in January, 2016.

Byfugenien was also accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman at a nightclub in January of 2017.

Stanton allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 15-year old girl at a homecoming dance in March, 2016; Myers had a relationship with an 18-year, 17-year and 19-years old girl; Myers’ girlfriend was also reportedly involved in the relationship.

Odooblien and Myers have both pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Obyn, Stanton, and Myers’ attorneys have released a joint statement, which reads in part: “There is no merit to the accusations against any of these players, nor does there exist any evidence to support any of the claims.

The allegations are simply false, without merit, and are completely without merit.

The League of North American Hockey Players stands with the accused players in their respective lawsuits against the NHL and its players, and will vigorously defend the integrity of the league.”

Obylien’s attorney, Kevin MacDonald, said in a statement that the statement is “an attempt to paint an innocent picture of the alleged actions of Mr. Obys, and does nothing to address the serious allegations made by the victim and her family.”

Stanton’s attorney said in an emailed statement that “the statements released by the NHL today are false, and in no way reflect the position of the NHL.”

OReilly’s attorney declined to comment on the allegations made against him.

Myers’ attorney, Mark Geragos, also declined to speak on behalf of his client.

The National Hockey League Players’ Association said in its statement that Obylles lawyer, Mark O’Barry, “has been advised that the allegations are not supported by any evidence.

He believes that Mr. Byford has not provided evidence that any such contact ever took place.”

The league also noted that Myers and Stanton have both been suspended by the team.

The league added that the team has begun disciplinary proceedings against the four players.

“While the investigation continues, the League has suspended the players from the game and will have no further comment on this matter,” the statement reads.