How to read the weather in Washington

WASHINGTON — The National Weather Service issued an extreme weather alert for parts of Washington and eastern Maryland Saturday, citing “increased precipitation and severe thunderstorm formation.”

The warning is a combination of warnings issued over several days in 2017 and warnings issued for the entire state, the NWS said in a news release.

“With the potential for widespread thunderstorm activity, heavy rainfall, hail, lightning and possibly significant flooding, the storm system is expected to intensify and produce some severe and damaging weather for some areas,” the agency said.

“Severe thunderstorms are possible for some locations, with possible flooding associated.”

The weather service also issued a flood warning for parts the state of Maryland for the first time since May.

This warning is in addition to a previous warning issued on May 1.

It also said that there are some severe thunderstorms, including a threat to power outages and flooding.

“Severe storm systems, including the formation of severe thunder storms, can cause extensive damage and death,” the Nws said.

The warning is for parts including the metro area of Baltimore and the city of Columbia, the weather service said.

A warning was issued for parts in the southern part of the state, including Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The National Weather Services office in Washington, D.C., issued a similar weather alert.

It issued the weather alert Saturday afternoon for parts that are east of the Cascade Mountains, including parts of the Washington, Oregon and Idaho border.

The agency warned residents in areas where lightning can strike during storms and for areas with heavy rainfall that they are in danger of lightning striking or possibly causing damage.

The weather alert was issued in the area of the Pacific Northwest.