What’s on the horizon for the Jewish community in New York?

Posted July 11, 2019 07:12:23With President Donald Trump’s ascension to the White House and the ongoing investigations into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, there’s been a lot of news regarding Jewish communities in New Jersey.

Here’s a roundup of what’s happening with them.

The Trump Administration, the Jewish Community in New Jerseys, and the Jewish QuestionThe Trump administration has been in office for more than a year, and its administration has had a major impact on the Jewish population of New Jersey, especially during the transition period.

The Trump administration’s administration has made a number of significant moves towards Jewish-American issues, from moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, to expanding the number of non-profits that are allowed to operate in the state.

In January 2019, the Trump administration announced a policy that would allow Orthodox Jewish students to be taught in the Jewish week schools.

Also in January, the Department of Education approved a plan to expand a program that helps Jewish students in the US study abroad.

In May, the department announced plans to extend funding for a non-profit called the American Jewish Committee that provides education and outreach to Jewish communities around the world.

In October, the secretary of education announced that the Jewish Federation of Greater New Jersey would become a member of the state’s “national advisory council.”

But in December, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction against the Trump Administration’s new plan to close the state agency that runs the Jewish day schools.

In the interim, the director of the Jewish Day School Council, Jonathan Karpinski, wrote an open letter that called for the state to allow the schools to continue operating and for the day schools to remain open.

Karpinsky said that “the [Jewish] Federation’s charter would be jeopardized if they were forced to shut down.”

He also called for “the state to provide a robust educational system that respects our religious beliefs, values, and freedoms.”

In February, the state of New York announced that it would end the state subsidy that pays for the New Jersey Day Schools, saying that it has been unable to meet its obligation to provide services to the state schools, including maintaining a workforce of full-time teachers, and would continue to receive federal funds to do so.

In April, the governor of New Mexico, Gary Herbert, announced that he would be stepping down, citing the Trump’s Administration’s “anti-Semitic policies.”

The governor had said that he believes the administration “will undermine the foundations of American democracy.”

Also on April 5, the US Supreme Court issued an opinion in a case that will determine whether the federal government can withhold money from states that don’t allow their religious organizations to serve as part of their school systems.

During this time, the New York Jewish Federation announced that they were moving to the State College of New Rochelle, a school district in the Bronx, and they also announced that a number more of their students would be moving to a private school in Manhattan, a move that many in the community say will help the Jewish students of the district.

A New York Times article from November 2018 reported that “more than half of the 3,000-student Jewish Day Schools in the city’s public schools are privately run, and many of the more than 1,400 private schools, some of which are run by Orthodox Jews, are run under the auspices of Jewish day school authorities or have Jewish leaders as board members.”

New Jersey’s Jewish community was also represented in the 2017 presidential election, with Democratic candidate Chris Christie and Republican candidate Mike Huckabee winning in the Garden State.

Both candidates, however, were forced out of office after being found to have violated federal campaign finance laws.

With the Trump-administration, New Jersey has been rocked by a wave of anti-Semitic attacks, including a wave that began in September 2018 with a stabbing attack at a Jewish community center in the town of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The attack took place in the wake of a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resulted in the death of a woman who was stabbed in the neck with a metal pipe.

Since then, there have been several anti-Jewish hate crimes, including an alleged attack on a synagogue in Morris County, North Dakota, which was later found to be racially motivated.

Trump Administration Plans to Build a Jewish Community CenterIn September 2018, the President of the United States announced that his administration would begin the construction of a new Jewish community centre in the southern New Jersey town of New Britain.

The building, which will be called the New Britain Community Center, will house a Jewish-owned school, a synagogue, and other community services.

It is unclear what will be included in the centre, but the project has been billed as a major step towards “building a stronger, more inclusive, and more inclusive community for the American