China’s official censors US tech news

China has blocked news reports of its official censoring of US tech companies, including the Washington Post and Reuters, citing national security concerns.

The official Xinhua news agency on Sunday quoted an unidentified official as saying the US tech sector had received “a lot of negative messages” in the past two months after a US Senate panel rejected a proposal to grant US President Donald Trump broad new powers to impose trade sanctions.

The Chinese official, who declined to be identified, said the US-China trade dispute should be resolved in a peaceful manner and that the US had no business being involved in such a conflict.

“The US tech industry has been the target of criticism from the Chinese government, but it has no choice but to accept the sanctions imposed by the US Congress, the official Xinhan Xinhua News Agency said.”

If the US and China do not reach an agreement, they will face a harsh backlash from the people and the world,” the official said.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which is considering legislation that would expand the US trade sanctions on China, voted down a proposal on Friday to grant Mr Trump the powers he seeks to impose new trade and investment restrictions.

The committee’s vote came after the White House last week issued a statement saying that the Senate bill would hurt US business interests, and would “have a negative impact on US national security and economic competitiveness”.”

We have heard from numerous companies who have been in China for a long time, and we understand the Chinese Government’s concern,” the White