Disney’s Frozen opens in China this weekend, and locals don’t seem too thrilled about it

The first movie in the Frozen franchise is opening in China, and Chinese authorities aren’t pleased.

According to The Associated Press, local authorities in southern China have issued an emergency warning for residents in the region, warning that the movie “has caused an environmental disaster and threatens public health and safety.”

Disney and Pixar have said that the film’s use of “fake animals” is “a serious violation of animal welfare.”

They’ve also pointed to its “disturbing portrayal of sexual abuse” and its “sexual content,” which is “incredibly offensive” and “unacceptable.”

Read moreDisney is releasing the first three of the Frozen films in Chinese theaters this weekend.

But Chinese officials have warned that it’s “unlikely” that Disney’s latest movie will be able to run in China in the near future, according to The Beijing News.

The AP notes that local governments are currently trying to prevent any film from showing in theaters that may be “incorrectly” labeled as “films” or “animated movies.”