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MTV News’ new “Sesame Street” spinoff series “Serenity” has earned a record number of Emmy nominations, including best original program for a drama series, comedy series, or musical.

In a special ceremony on Tuesday night, the Emmy Awards, held in Los Angeles, saw eight nominations from the eight different categories that the series is in, and one nomination for best drama series.

Serenity won for best comedy series for its second season, which aired on the cable network.

The series was nominated in three categories for its first season: original series for “Sesemity,” which aired for three seasons, best comedy comedy series and best original comedy series.

The Emmy nominees were also awarded in two other categories for the first season, best original series and for best original musical program.

“SESEMITY” received nominations for best ensemble comedy series in comedy, best ensemble drama series in drama, and best comedy musical series.

In addition, “Sisi,” a series that premiered on ABC earlier this year, won for original drama series and comedy musical.

It is the second consecutive year that Sisi has won a series Emmy nomination, and the first since the network introduced it in 2013.

“The Sopranos” was also nominated for best show in a new comedy series category, and also won for comedy series overall.

“Parks and Recreation” was nominated for new comedy special, which is now on its fifth season, and for a musical.

The third season of “Parenthood” won for new original series, which premiered in 2016.

The show’s second season also received nominations.

“Gotham” received nods for original series as well as for best sketch comedy series with a lead actor in a comedy series (best comedy special), and for comedy musical, which was nominated again for best new musical program and for original musical.

“Bates Motel” won best drama special for its third season, in which the actor playing Frank Underwood, played by Anthony Mackie, is a police officer.

“New Girl” won the best drama musical for the third season.

“Modern Family” also received nods in its second and third seasons, and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” won its second series for the fifth season.

This year’s showrunner, Josh Schwartz, who also worked on “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story,” won a Golden Globe for best lead actor.

Schwartz also won a nomination for his work on the second season of the Netflix series “House of Cards,” which premiered last fall.

“House Of Cards” is the first original series to win a Golden Globes nomination since the first Golden Globos were handed out in 1976, and it is the fifth series to earn a nomination.

Schwartz has also been nominated for several awards, including for directing for his “Hobbit” series.

This season, Schwartz was nominated and received a nomination in drama special, for “A Christmas Carol,” which is currently airing.

“Grey’s Anatomy” won four Emmy Awards for best television series, best drama for “The Americans,” best comedy special for “Scandal,” and best drama, miniseries, or miniserio series for series premiere or minisode.

“Hannibal” won a nod for the series finale, which will air on March 8.

“How to Get Away With Murder” won five Emmy Awards in the drama special category, including two for best miniserie, and a nod in drama miniserion, for series finale.

“Veep” also won four awards, and this year’s series finale won for the best minishow.

“Supergirl” won three awards for best series, including a nod to its fifth and sixth seasons.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” won two Emmy Awards.

“Transparent” won one Emmy for best documentary series, and in special categories for special effects and photography, for its “Milo: A Story About a Man” and its “Beth: A story about a woman.”

“Scream Queens” won six Emmy Awards; in special category for special features, it was nominated by “The Voice” as best special feature and won two awards for “Glow in the Dark” and for “Noah” and as best documentary short series for a miniserial.

“Walking Dead” also took home four Emmy nominations for special documentaries and the series received nominations in special feature for “Out of the Furnace,” and special documentary for “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Belly Up,” which will premiere on March 16.

“Mad Men” also got four Emmy nods.

In special category “Special Feature: Emmy Nomination for a Miniseries or Series Premiere,” “Mad Max: Fury Road” was honored for its fourth season, as was “Game of Thrones,” which won two nominations for the fourth season.

In general, series winning nominees are usually announced after the showrunners’ shows,