How to stop being a little bit bit lazy on Facebook

Greenland National Park has just issued a challenge to its users to create something to be proud of by the end of the month.

The park has just published a survey to help make sure people take the time to share a bit of history and culture with their friends, and it’s clear that there’s a lot of interest in sharing photos from the park and its surroundings with their Facebook friends.

In the survey, Greenland Park staff asked visitors to choose a colour, a national monument or a national park and to choose the word ‘national’.

The results are below, along with some fun comments from visitors who took part.

There were over 10,000 responses to the survey.

It’s pretty clear that a lot people wanted to be part of this, so Greenland Parks has been working with local community groups to develop a digital archive to keep a record of what people are doing on the park.

The most popular words were ‘national’, ‘national park’, ‘country’ and ‘land’.

There were a lot more interesting words in the survey and some of them may not be surprising.

For example, people wanted the word national park to be in the title.

Some people also wanted to use ‘land’ to describe their favourite places on the island.

Others wanted ‘national monument’ or ‘national parks’.

Some people didn’t know what ‘national’ was, so they just chose a different word.

Some people had fun picking out which words were popular, but others were a little disappointed that they couldn’t get the word greenland, which they thought would be the most fitting title.

Greenland Park is just one of several parks that have launched similar initiatives in the past few years, including the Green Bay and North Carolina parks. 

The National Park Service is also working on a similar initiative, so there are many more national parks across the country where you can share your park memories.