Police: Man attacked by man on train platform

Police have charged a man with assault after a woman reported a man had attacked her on a train platform in Melbourne’s north-west.

Key points:The woman, aged in her 20s, told police a man was “grabbing her breasts and trying to get into her head”The woman was in the middle of a train in a suburban station when she was attackedThe man was taken to a hospital where he later diedA woman and a man were on a local train travelling from a nearby suburb when they became separated.

When the woman called police, the woman was attacked on the platform, Victoria Police said.

The man has been charged with assault causing bodily harm.

He was taken by ambulance to hospital and died.

The woman said she was on the train travelling to her home when she became separated from the other train passengers.

“I was in a panic,” she said.

“He grabbed me, grabbed me by the hair, and started trying to shove me off the platform.”

And I thought he was going to attack me.

“Ms Bremner said the man had a black eye, a bruise on his forehead, a gash to his head, cuts on his chest and bruising on his left knee.”

It’s just horrendous that this happened,” she added.”

People have got to realise there are people out there who can do this and it’s not acceptable.

“Ms Smith said she had been on a commuter train at the time.”

My heart went out to the woman,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

She was so brave and brave for what she believed was the right thing to do.

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