The next big game is coming to the Xbox 360, and it’s a good one

The next major release for Xbox 360 owners is coming, and the next one is coming very soon. 

Microsoft is expected to launch a new game console this summer called the Xbox One, and while the game console is still only slated for a summer release, we already know that it will feature a new feature called the Kinect sensor. 

This new feature is the latest step in Microsoft’s effort to add a Kinect sensor to every console, including the Xbox, and with that in mind, the Kinect feature could be on the XboxOne.

Microsoft is expected next week to unveil the Xbox 720, which will reportedly be a smaller console than the Xbox360. 

We’ve heard that Microsoft has been working on this new feature for some time, and now, it looks like Microsoft is finally ready to unveil it. 

The new Kinect feature is being called the “Kinect for Xbox One,” and the new feature will be implemented in a way that makes the Kinect more useful than it is currently. 

You can imagine that this is a major improvement over the current Kinect, which only has the ability to track face and body movements, and only has a limited number of ways to use the feature. 

For example, if you’re holding a controller, you can use your left hand to press a button on the controller to track the controller’s location. 

If you want to move your body, you need to use your right hand to hold the controller in place, and use the Kinect to track your movements. 

There are also other features in the Kinect that allow you to track other objects, such as a door or a wall, but it’s not really clear what these other features will be used for. 

These new features will make the Kinect feel like a new kind of camera, and Microsoft is expecting that these new features are going to be very useful.

Microsoft has been looking at the Kinect for a while now, and recently, Microsoft has announced that it has the Kinect technology to work on the next generation of Xbox consoles. 

It’s also known that Microsoft is looking at other ways to bring Kinect technology and the ability for it to track more people to other Xbox 360s, which could mean that Microsoft will eventually be able to bring more Kinect technology onto other Xbox systems, like the Xbox 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. 

Last week, we learned that Microsoft would be making some significant changes to its Xbox 360 lineup to include a Kinect for Xbox one, and today, we’re told that Microsoft also plans to launch another new game system, called the XBox One.

The Xbox One is still set to debut next month, but that game system has not yet been revealed. 

But that does not mean that the next-generation Xbox will not include some form of Kinect, and some fans are already speculating that Microsoft may introduce a Kinect feature that will be similar to the Kinect on the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft also announced yesterday that it would be unveiling the Xbox Scorpio, the next Xbox. 

While we’ve been speculating about what features Microsoft might be bringing to the next next-gen Xbox, we still have no idea what the next gaming system will be like. 

So what does Microsoft have planned? 

The company has promised to release two new games in 2017, and both of those games are expected to be new-generation games. 

According to the latest reports, Microsoft is also working on an Xbox One controller for the same reason. 

I don’t know what Microsoft is planning, but this seems like a promising step. 

Hopefully, Microsoft will reveal more information about its next-game console and next-year Xbox system in the coming weeks, and hopefully, the Xbox Xbox One will become a very important game system for both Xbox 360 users and new Xbox fans.

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