What’s going on with Catholic church and Pope Francis?

Posted March 21, 2020 06:09:47Pope Francis has become a lightning rod for conservative Catholics, with critics accusing him of undermining traditional Catholic doctrine and ignoring the plight of gays and lesbians, women, and refugees.

Francis has become an unexpected lightning rod, as some conservatives say his pontificate has been an affront to their faith.

The Vatican says his role as leader of the Catholic Church has been peaceful and constructive.

The pope has also been hailed by a growing number of Americans who see him as the face of their faith, a role that many Americans, and even some Catholics, have come to regard as a positive.

Francises critics say his emphasis on the environment, including climate change, has undermined the Catholic faith and is a threat to the survival of the church.

In response to this, Pope Francis has been outspoken on environmental issues and climate change in recent months, but the pope has often avoided addressing these issues.

In February, Pope Paul VI sent a letter to the United Nations urging nations to take a harder line on climate change.

He wrote, “The atmosphere of the planet is becoming increasingly hostile and hostile to human life.”

In March, Pope Benedict XVI warned the Vatican against accepting refugees and immigrants from countries that do not recognize their rights to be free of persecution.

In his April 1st address, Francis said that people should be welcomed as they are and that they should be treated with dignity.

The pontiff has also called for people to “seek peace, tolerance and love,” a message that has come to be viewed as a call for tolerance, but some conservative Catholics have questioned whether Francis’ call to “tolerate” is really one that can be taken seriously.

On Friday, Pope William Yglesias, a Catholic who is a critic of Francis, said Francis is doing a disservice to his own church by promoting tolerance and acceptance of the LGBT community.

Ygleias wrote in an op-ed in the Washington Post that Francis has “gone from being the first pope to condemn gay marriage to calling it ‘a human right’ to suggesting that gays and lesbian couples should not be separated from their children, even though he has no idea what marriage is or how to define it.

He has even gone as far as to suggest that we have to ‘accept people for who they are.'”

The pontiffs new stance on gay marriage is a departure from his predecessor, Benedict XVI, who, in 2008, issued a papal letter condemning gay marriage, saying, “God has made it clear that marriage is only between a man and a woman.”