Why did you decide to change the channel on CNN?

CNN’s flagship news channel was the most popular among its viewers, and viewership grew significantly in 2016 as the 2016 presidential election approached.

However, the network is facing new challenges as viewers increasingly turn to other sources of news.

In an interview with CNNMoney, CNN president Jeff Zucker said CNN is in the midst of a “new wave” of programming as the cable channel strives to attract younger viewers.

He said the channel’s new content and its focus on the 2016 election have helped boost viewership, as well as the company’s overall financial health.

“I think in terms of growth, there’s no question,” Zucker said.

“There’s been a new wave of people who are turning to the platforms and the content that we’ve built and the kind of engagement that we have.”

The network is still a fixture in the minds of many Americans, but viewership is declining in the U.S. CNN’s viewership has also declined in the past few years as more Americans have moved to social media and other platforms.

CNN will no longer air its morning and evening newscasts, and the network will no long broadcast daily news updates or even the most recent breaking news.

CNN, which also operates CNN and MSNBC, will focus on its news coverage during the 2016 elections and the next few months.

“We’re looking to do what we can to try to keep people engaged during that time period,” Zucker told CNNMoney.

“In the coming months, we’ll have a broader range of news programming.”

CNN also plans to expand its online content.

CNN has been experimenting with a new approach to digital news in recent years, including creating news segments and social media profiles that focus on topics that have been trending on social media.

The network’s new CNN Digital team said the digital strategy will also include a focus on digital news.

The news organization is working with several new digital brands, including Vice Media and the New York Times.

CNN said it also plans a major digital investment, including a new $100 million investment from investors led by New York City-based technology investor Andreessen Horowitz.

CNN declined to provide details about the new investment.

The company said it is also looking to build a new digital brand that will be driven by its diverse programming.

CNN CEO Jeff Zucker will retire at the end of the year.

Zucker said in the interview that he plans to use his time as president to “help transform CNN and help our company become the media powerhouse it has always been.”

CNN is also working on an ambitious strategy to reach new audiences and generate new revenue streams.

The new strategy will focus primarily on the new digital platforms that will launch this year.

The move to invest in these platforms, Zucker said, will “allow us to accelerate our efforts to build and grow our content and to better serve our audiences.”

He said CNN plans to invest more in digital media platforms in the future.

“The future is digital, and this is where we want to be,” Zucker added.