Football Italian 1-1 Muscogee: Muscogees win against Newcastle

By Football Italy newsFootball Italia staffA 1-0 victory by Muscoges against Newcastle was greeted with widespread applause at Stadio San Siro on Sunday evening. 

The visitors were leading 2-1 after just over an hour and 10 minutes. 

But they went ahead just before the hour mark after Marco Bocchi and Mario Bicchi netted the opener. 

Andrea Di Francesco put Muscogate ahead after 34 minutes when he scored his second. 

However, it was the hosts who took the lead just after the hour and a half mark. 

Marco Bocchini hit the post with a free-kick and the ball bounced in to the path of Bicchini who volleyed home a free kick past goalkeeper Federico Sannino. 

At the other end, Mario Baccini scored the opener after 25 minutes, before Di Francesca hit the side netting late on to give the visitors the lead. 

Bocchi had a penalty appeal turned down, but the referee saw the ball was out of play and the decision was in favour of Newcastle. 

In an interview with La Stampa, Newcastle boss Mark Jones praised the performance of the Muscogies, who are currently ranked second in Serie A.

“I think this was a good result for them and we’re delighted with it,” he said.

“We knew this game would be tough. 

I think we’re very pleased that the players worked so hard to make it a good one.”