FourFour Two: Fox News: ‘What happens if you’re a black woman in America?’

The next episode of Fox News’ flagship program “FourFourFourTwo” is now airing.

And while Fox News is taking aim at Black Lives Matter, the segment was a little too much for some viewers.

“Fox News: What happens if a Black woman is a white man in America?” host Tucker Carlson asked Fox News Senior Legal Analyst David Cay Johnston on Tuesday’s show.

Cay Johnston, an attorney for Black Lives Matters, responded, “They can sue.

But it’s going to be very difficult to prove.”

In the video, Johnston says, “If a Black man is a police officer, he’s a cop.

He’s in a job.

He knows what he’s doing.

He can use deadly force.

But the law doesn’t give him the right to shoot at police officers if they are not violent.

If they are, the person who shoots them is going to get shot.””

But, that doesn’t mean that he should be given the right in the first place to shoot them,” Johnston continued.

“It means that a police official should have to decide that he is in the right, or at least is justified in shooting, at a Black person who is unarmed.”

Cay says that, because of racial biases, many Black people are “not being trained to use deadly weapons.”

“The reason Black people don’t shoot police is because of the racial biases that exist in our criminal justice system,” Cay said.

“The police are the ones who shoot the people who are breaking into their homes and stealing their things.

And so, that creates the need for them to have a certain level of training.”

The segment went viral on social media and, in response, Fox News pulled Johnston from the program.

Cays claims that Black Lives have been killed by police for “being a Black guy in America.”

Cays, who has been a contributor to Fox News for over a decade, says he was offended by the segment, which focused on police killings of Black people.

“I think it’s a little much.

I think there are too many times where Black people have been shot by police.

I don’t think we should be shooting police in the back because they are Black,” Cay explained.CAY: There is an African American guy named Eric Garner who was arrested on a felony charge of selling untaxed cigarettes in Staten Island, New York.

The officer who killed him was the same officer who shot and killed Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina.

And that officer, in my view, should have been fired and should be prosecuted for murder.

It’s outrageous.JOHNSTON: Well, it’s not outrageous, it is just ridiculous, because there is no basis for it.

And it’s an outrageous statement that you can make in your own backyard.

But, I think it speaks to the general fact that Black people who have a criminal record, they are often killed by the police.

It is something that is going on right here.

I mean, you can have an argument about the legitimacy of the police in this country.

And yet, there is a history that shows that in America, Black people die by the very people that the police are supposed to protect.

That is just not acceptable.