Gujarat Govt To Set Up ‘Tamarash’ Hospital to Provide Treatment to Ghusl Survivors

Gujarat Govts.

Narendra Modi and Nitin Gadkari today announced that the state will set up a new state-run hospital to provide medical treatment for Ghusls and other injured persons after a nationwide campaign against illegal dumping.

In a written reply to a question on the proposal by an Opposition leader, Chief Minister Narendra Modi said the plan was “to provide medical assistance to Ghumans” and “others in need”.

The reply, in Hindi, was released by the Chief Minister’s office on Tuesday.

It said that the aim was to create a new hospital “to treat all the injured and the ghusl survivors in the state”.

The plan will be implemented “in a phased manner” by the new hospital, Modi said.

The announcement comes amid growing anger in the Gurgaon-Kashmir region over the killing of two young women and a young boy in a case of illegal dumping in January.

Ghusl workers have been demanding justice and compensation for the incident in which three women, including the mother of one, were allegedly killed in a ghat in Gurgaons area.

More than 20,000 people have signed a petition calling for the closure of illegal dumps in the district, the district collector said in February.

The petition has also been signed by the chief minister, the Ghusla Samaj Party, the Congress and the BJP.

A petition signed by more than 2 lakh people has also called for the establishment of a separate district in the region for Ghumas and the district police commissioner to take action against people who commit “illegal dumping”.