The new world record for a rugby player is held by England’s Chris Ashton, writes Andrew Benson

The new World Rugby Championship is set to take place in Cardiff, Wales, on October 5, 2018.

It’s the second time in four years that a rugby union player has set a new World Cup record for the competition, as England’s Owen Farrell set the world record in 2015.

In this episode of BBC Sport, Iain Henderson joins me to talk to Chris Ashton about his World Cup experience, and the challenge of breaking the record for highest scoring Australian.

Chris Ashton has captained England at both Rugby World Cups, the World Cup final in 2019, and in this season’s final in Italy, in which he scored 31 tries.

England won the World Series in 2019 and the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

He also captained Australia at the Rugby World cup in 2019.

Chris was born in Melbourne, and was educated at St George’s College and the University of Melbourne.

Chris began playing rugby at age 14, but had to turn his back on the sport after a knee injury.

After playing in the Australian National Team at the 2019 World Cup, he moved to Wales, where he played with the Scarlets and was named captain in 2016.

Chris has since played in 14 countries around the world, and has also captenched two Tests for England, the 2017 Six Nations, the 2018 Six Nations and the 2018 Rugby World Series.

Chris is the second Australian to have set a World Cup total in 2017.

He was part of the squad that won the Rugby Championship in Wales, in 2019 in Cardiff.

Chris played five matches in the 2017 Sevens World Series and was part a thrilling run to victory at the final in France, which included two tries.

Chris captained the England side in the Rugby Sevens Six Nations for the first time in 2018, when they beat France 3-1 in the final.

Chris led the England team to the final of the Six Nations in 2019 after a successful season in Wales.

Chris’s record for international rugby is now 14, breaking the previous record of 15 set by Australia’s Brett Morris in 2006.

Chris won the 2017 World Series with England and captained his country at the World Rugby Sevenes Sevens Series in England in 2017 and the Rugby Sixes Seven the following year.

Chris joined England as a 19-year-old in 2013 and has played nine international matches, making him one of only three players to captain his country in a Rugby World Championship.

He captained at the 2017 Rugby World Championships and captended the World XV in 2019 where he scored four tries.

His international career has taken him to the 2019 Olympics, winning gold in the women’s eights in London.

Chris had an illustrious international career, with a record 12 England caps, seven Test caps and the two international tries.

He won two Test caps in 2016 and also captended England’s squad at the 2018 Sevens Rugby World Tournament in Wales in 2019 to become the second player to do so.

Chris will be the second-youngest captain in World Rugby history, having captained Ireland at the 2011 Rugby World Rugby Championships, which was also the first of his career.

He has also won the 2015 Rugby World Sevens Championship, the 2016 Six Nations Cup and the 2017 Women’s Sevens Tournament.

The captain of England is one of the most highly sought after positions in the game, with players in England being asked to pay their own way in order to secure the services of the captain.

“My goal for this World Cup is to break the record set by Brett Morris. “

The record for most tries in a World Championship final is two, but Brett’s goal is to be the first to score more than 20 tries in all competitions. “

My goal for this World Cup is to break the record set by Brett Morris.

I want to be as fast as Brett and have more than five tries.””

The record for fastest run through a scrum is five minutes and that’s my goal.

I want to be as fast as Brett and have more than five tries.”