Why is the Australian government paying for ABC’s ABC News Tonight programme?

Posted June 26, 2019 08:05:08Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the ABC’s flagship ABC News program has been under-performing in Australia and that the ABC is not providing the same level of value to Australian viewers.

Key points:Mr Morrison says ABC’s “Nightline” programme has “gone through some significant changes” but he is still confident of a “good” future for the broadcasterHe says the decision was made in the face of the “challenging” nature of the marketThe ABC is paying the Government $3 million a year to carry its program, but has yet to announce a plan for how it will use the moneyThe ABC’s Nightline programme was axed last year, and the program was replaced by ABC News 24, the network’s flagship news program.

In his first major speech since the program’s axing, Mr Morrison said it was not the ABC that was “in trouble” and it was “not the Government”.

“There is no financial shortfall to be found.

The ABC is doing well in the Australian market,” he said.”

The ABC News Network has gone through some notable changes in recent years, but we are still confident about our future.”

Mr Morrison said the ABC would continue to operate in the market, and that “the ABC News Channel will continue to provide our Australian audiences with an important and valued news and information service”.

The ABC says it will continue producing its own shows, as it does now.

“We remain committed to providing the ABC with an excellent evening news program,” the ABC said in a statement.

“As part of that commitment, we will continue providing ABC News Breakfast with a high-quality news and current affairs program which will continue on Nightline at 9pm AEST.”

“The Prime Minister’s speech today was also aimed at reaffirming the ABC News Team’s commitment to delivering a top-notch service to the Australian public,” the broadcaster added.ABC News 24 is also being expanded, with the ABC remaining in the same slot.

Mr Morrison also spoke of the ABC being “one of the best funded” and “one the most respected” organisations in the country.

“There are so many other organisations doing so much more in the way of news and journalism, and we are so proud to have had a partner who has always been willing to go the extra mile for our ABC News coverage,” he told the House of Representatives.

“I would urge all Australians to look at ABC News Nightline as one of the top-rated and most trusted news programs in the world.”

But it is not just about delivering good news.”ABC News’ national news coverage is funded by a licence fee paid to the Government.