Why the GOP Should Endorse Rand Paul’s 2020 Presidential Bid

A new poll shows Rand Paul has a clear lead over Joe Biden, according to new NBC News/WSJ/Marist Poll.

In the race for the Democratic nomination, Biden has the support of 43% of likely Democratic voters, while Paul has 41%.

Biden has a much smaller lead among women, with 26% of women backing him and Paul has 16%.

Biden leads by 18 points among white men, and Paul leads by 17 points among whites without a college degree.

The poll was conducted April 12-15 among 1,049 likely Democratic primary voters nationwide.

In a survey released last week, Biden had the support among 48% of Democrats and 51% of independents.

Biden leads among white women, who are by far the most diverse demographic group in the country.

Paul, a former congressman from Kentucky, has the backing of 30% of those who identify as white.

Biden’s support among blacks is higher than Paul’s, but not as high as Paul’s.

Biden is also backed by more men, with 32% of Republicans and 33% of men backing him.

Biden has about as much support among young voters, with 22% of 18- to 29-year-olds backing him, compared to Paul’s 17%.

Biden also leads among voters under 45, with 48% saying they will back him compared to 22% for Paul.

Paul also has a more positive message about himself than Biden does, with 31% saying Paul is a better candidate, compared with 20% for Biden.

Biden also has the strongest appeal among those who are older, with 51% saying Biden is more likable, compared the 23% for the GOP nominee.

Biden and Paul are tied in the state of Iowa, where Paul has the most votes.

The NBC/WSZ/Marst poll of 1,000 likely Democratic caucusgoers was conducted by telephone April 13-15.

The survey’s overall sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points.

In addition to NBC News, the poll has a field team of more than 200 field workers.

NBC News and the Associated Press contributed to this report.