KULAN NATION NEWS anchor calls for KULA to be removed from ‘national news’

In a rare move, national news anchor Kulan Nation News has removed national weather anchor and host of “Kula TV,” Kulan Uzunyan from her duties after Uzunian posted photos of herself on social media showing off her “wonderful” nails, saying “This is not a normal woman.

This is a true freak!”

The post sparked outrage on social platforms, with some accusing Uzunan of being a witch, as well as a racist.

Uzunyans followers quickly rallied behind her, posting memes of her posing with a nail polish and holding up a red sign that read “I can do anything I want, and you can’t.”

The news anchor was suspended after a social media backlash against her post, but it was not immediately clear whether her suspension was final or whether she would be allowed back to anchor the show.

Kulan Uzutian.

| AP photo Kulandans Twitter account has been suspended after she posted pictures of herself posing with her “dumbest nails” pic.twitter.com/7pj5hgX2eP The world needs more people like her!

– KULAN Uzunya (@kulan_uzunya) January 25, 2019″It’s a shame that our news and opinion have become so tainted by the hate that so many people feel toward people who look like them,” Uzunyah said in a statement posted to Facebook, calling the post a “disgrace.”

“To say that I am proud to be from this country is an understatement.

I am a proud woman with a beautiful personality.

My hair is blonde, I am beautiful, and I am always trying to prove my beauty.

But I know that some of you may feel that I have crossed a line and crossed a boundary that should never have been crossed.”

She also said she would never do anything to harm anyone.

“I am ashamed that my actions and words have been taken out of context,” Uzuntyan said.

“I am very disappointed in myself and ashamed of my actions.

I’m sorry that I offended anyone.

I apologize for my actions.”

The “Kulana TV” anchor was named national weather anchorman in 2015.

She previously worked for CNN, ABC News, ABCNEWS.com and ABCNEWS Radio, where she covered health and medical issues.